Smartphones, Which One is My Favorite?


My personal favorite Smartphone these day`s is the Evo, Its got everything you need in a Smartphone and more. I classify the Evo as my favorite because of many factors, things like its performance, its look, and even its easy user base. These three factors are extremely important for any phone and for deciding which phone works the best and fits the best in this category. The Evo is one of the top phones for being a Smartphone and works up to its reputation. The Evo also has some difficulties that I hope they would fix over time but out of all the other Smartphone’s these phone works remarkable especially when you are playing แทงบอลออนไลน์ online.

Having the Evo you can have many new features to enhance your lifestyle. The large HD screen that is full screen when in use, make your cell phone needs into more like a computer than anything else. You have a large amount of apps from the app market with the Evo and lots of space to hold all of these wonderful apps. The Evo has an app called sprint TV, which allows you to watch real time TV in the palm of your hand. The down side to this is that when not using WiFi the quality for the shows in this app becomes less appealing and poor.

The 4G feature is very successful, it makes the phone`s internet move like no other. The down side to this one though is that 4G is currently not available in selective locations. Sprint is trying to fix these but since it’s so new they said it will be taking some time. The overall look of the Evo`s user face is very attractive and is a major improvement to most other android phones. One common problem with this phone and t doesn’t happen often but what I’ve found to be annoying sometimes is its dragging. Sometimes, it slows down the phone as if it was like a computer that is going slow this is different because most phones don`t have these problems. Other than that it has no problems and is my personal favorite smart phone.

The Evo is different than most and performs better than most Smartphone’s in my opinion. This clean, sharp looking phone is fast and can stay up to date with everything. It has many features that can keep you organized and make your life a little simpler. This Smartphone is appealing to many people of all ages, and it works best for the business type people. The Evo is a high end Smartphone and I highly recommend it as the best smart phone on the market.

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John Johnson