Why To Use Email Parsers

parse emails

Email parsers, also known as email processors, are software programs that combine machine learning with natural language processing and regular expressions in order to identify information within the header, body or signature of an email. This information is then organized in a structured format, and sent to applications or systems.

Structured data allows for the automation and streamlining of various processes, such as routing customer queries or updating CRM systems or ERP systems.

Structured Data

Emails contain an enormous amount of structured information, ranging from customer data like orders and delivery address to company documents such as invoice numbers and subtotals. Email automation tools can help mine this data and organize it in a way that makes sense for your business processes. Invoices can be sent directly into your accounting system to be analyzed and for performance metrics. Sales data, on the other hand, can be used for identifying trends.

parse emails

Structured data has a pre-defined format that is easy to understand, read and work with. This type of data often consists of numbers and text and is mapped to defined fields in a database making it simple for computers or humans to find. These data can be searched, analyzed, and used to make forecasts and predictions. Structured data can be found in transaction records, spreadsheet data and invoices.

Unstructured data is not arranged in a way that can be easily understood and used. This data is available in many forms, including Word documents, images, videos and memos. Unstructured data is difficult to manage, and prone to errors. Manually sorting through unstructured information to find what you need is a major undertaking.

Parse emails enables businesses to automatically organize and send data to their back-office systems in a format that is easy for them to process. For example, e-commerce companies can use email parsing to pull in the customer’s contact information from their emails and sync it into a CRM platform or other automated workflow, so that it is always up to date and accessible to the entire team.

Businesses can automate their processes and save money and time with the help of an Email Parser. The time saved is due to the fact that the data required for a particular task does not have to be manually processed, nor do you need to search through emails to find the information. The money saved by the time saving can be invested into other aspects of your business, such as employee training, marketing and new product development.

Parserr offers a free trial for those who are interested in building an email parser. With Parserr, you can create a message object tree that matches your own specifications and integrate it with your CRM or other automated workflows. You can automate the creation and updating of tasks within a project management software or sync Google Sheets with your email.

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John Johnson