Awesome Points About Sports Guides

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Customized To Your Location

Don’t be surprised when a guest asks you to show a certain team or game. Instead of fumbling through clunky on-screen TV guides or newspapers, Sports Guide lists every game in a super easy-to-read format. We list all pro, college and high school sports as well as PPV events, Internet-only streams, and obscure sports. You can also highlight your favorite/preferred team and they will appear in the Guide in bold or at the top.

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View the Guide however you like — by time, by sport and by filtering out sports and channels you do not have access to. You can print your Guide so you have it handy behind the bar, on the hostess’ stand, or wherever else you change stations.

You can select multiple games or a range dates to watch live in the future. This makes it easy to plan staff scheduling in advance, or to prepare for a busy night. You can also set up notifications for specific teams or events so you are the first to hear when they begin.

After you have customized your Guide, an email link will be sent to your inbox every day. Click the link and you’re brought to a super easy-to-read Guide that’s custom to your location & program providers. All you have to do is swipe left to see scores & schedules, or tap a team or event to see stories & stats for each. If you wish to keep your customizations just re-enter login info at any time. Then you’re all set to rock the next sporting event in your business. Whether you’re in the bar or behind the counter, you’ll have the information you need to provide your guests with the best possible service.

Customized For Your Sporting Events

When guests visit your sports bar or restaurants, they want to see the games that they care about. It can be time-consuming and difficult to flip through clunky TV guides on screen or flip through newspapers. Sports Guide is a simple guide that lists every game on your TVs. It’s customized for your location and your program providers.

You can also highlight teams from 50+ sports to appear in bold on the Guide. You can filter the Guide based on sport or time. So, you and your staff are always able to see what is on offer.

Effective planning and execution are key to a sporting event’s success. From the initial planning stage, which includes selecting the type and location of the tournament, to the implementation of participant management, and ensuring that the event day is memorable, there are many factors that must be managed.

This comprehensive resource will help you to effectively organize and execute a sporting event from start to finish, resulting in an unforgettable experience for all of your participants, spectators, and sponsors. This comprehensive resource will cover every aspect of the event-management process, including initial planning, registrations, ticketing and more.

Every year, billions of dollars are invested in professional sports events, sports-related apparel and equipment. This guide will help to capitalize on this huge market by helping you promote and plan a successful sporting event. From the initial planning stages, such as identifying potential participants and establishing a budget, to implementing participant management and maximizing revenue, this guide will take you through all of the essential steps to organizing an event that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. This guide will also cover industry trends and best practices, so that you can stay ahead your competitors.

Customized For Your Staff

Every year, millions of dollars are spent to support sports teams and events. This also includes sports equipment. With the ever-increasing popularity of sports, media guides are often created to help promote and market those teams to fans in the most effective way possible. These guides are usually distributed to the general public as a bonus with the game programs at in-stadium seats, or available for download on the team’s home web sites. Some major college sports produce their own digital guide, which is usually available for free on the team’s web site and in PDF format.

You’ll never be left in the dark when a guest asks what you can watch, and you won’t have to waste time fumbling through TV guides on screen or newspapers. With Sports Guide, your daily link is emailed to you, and is customized to your location and program providers, so you see what games you have access to. Your favorite/preferred team will appear in bold or at the top of the Guide, making it easy to find. And view the Guide how you want – switch between date ranges, filter by sport or even sort by channel. You can print out your Guide in a format that is easy to read, so that you can keep copies behind the bar or at the hostess’ stand, for example, if you frequently change stations. It’s a great tool for your staff to use to keep your guests happy. You can also embed your Guide into your website, making it interactive for your guests.

Customized To Your Guests

Guests will often ask you if you could show a certain game or team. The time it takes to flick through clunky television guides or flip through newspapers can be a hassle. Sports Guide will allow you to provide them with the answers they are looking for in an easy-to read format, customized to their location and provider of programs.

The Sports Guide lists not only major pro events, it also includes alternate content. This can be anything from Internet-only streaming and PPV to obscure college or high school games. You can highlight the teams you want to see at the top of the Guide or in bold. This makes it easy for you and your guests to find games that are important to them.

Sports Guide covers 50+ sports, from the popular to the less-known. A soft news article spotlights an athlete, or reveals important sports-related information. These articles often include quotes from athletes and coaches, adding a personal touch that can appeal to readers.

By embedding your Guide into your website, you can share your offerings with your customers and promote them on social media. You can also use your newsletters to promote your Guide. The PDF version, which is easy to read and print, makes it simple for your staff members to print out a clean copy, and store it behind the bar or at your entertainment station.

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