A Brief Guide to Label Printing


A label printer is a small computer-controlled printer that prints on cardstock and/or self adhesive label material. Depending on the needs of the printing company, there are many options for label printers. A label printer with integrated display and keyboard for standalone usage is called a standalone label printer. Other label printers are possible to be used as part a fully-service label printer.

Afinia L801 color label printer

One of the primary uses for a label printer today is for bar coding and product identification. Bar coding is the process by which a barcode is placed on products to enable them to be identified and bought according to specific specifications. Product identification is the primary purpose of labels on goods and retail products. The labels give a unique identification to each product, facilitating effective and efficient purchasing and returns. Some companies use labeling systems to print warning labels on hazardous products or other hazardous materials.

There are many manufacturers producing label printers. Hewlett Packard is a well-known manufacturer, as are Canon and Xerox. Most bar code label printers are designed to use simple data patterns for encode and decode operation. There are some label printers that are capable of using complex data patterns.

There are many options for aesthetic and functional customization of label printers. The Afinia L801 color label printer is the first. This is the most common form of labeling and is used for paper and plastic products. It employs two rows of LEDs for each alphanumeric letter and one background.

Embossing tape is another method of making labels. This method is also known as stamping. It comes in many forms. Embossing tapes are used to create raised letters or images. A computer printer can print ribbon in a specified width and height, which is then embossed using a special inkjet material. A third method of label making uses computer technology along with manual embossing tape. The computer prints the labels in color using a CMYK color printer cartridge.

Label makers are made in various sizes. A duplex label printer is the most basic. Duplexes can be used for both laser and inkjet printing. Thermal transfer of labels to an inkjet or CD printer using a thermal printer thermal label printer is also possible.

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